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About Me

Born and raised in Mochudi, Botswana October 15, 1995. Motswana-American Jade Sesinyi AKA Jay Aye Dee Eee grew up a young writer. Influenced by a mother who encouraged her writing at a young age, she developed a strong love and connection to expression through pen and paper.

Academically gifted, she received a scholarship to study medicine in Russia, and another scholarship in America (Arizona) for academic excellence.

In her time pursuing her Bachelors in Physiology, she received a degree in Associates of Science. 

After a series of events she changed her major from medicine to fitness. However not long after that, fought a deep battle with depression which led her to finding her true passion for music.

In early 2019 Jay Aye Dee Eee moved from Arizona back to her birth country of Botswana where she focused on honing her craft and bettering her artistry.

She found quick success, working with Superproducer Obado (BW), 7 Days of Summer (BW), Yves St Guan (BW), Jai (USA), WNDRSZN (BW), USanele (SA), Binary Lion (SA), Stretch (BW), Grampa (BW), Favi (BW).

With a life motto of hardwork, only more collaborations are destined to come.

In December 2019 Jay Aye Dee Eee had her first performance where she debuted her EP at the Perfect Noise Open Mic. In November 2020 she was a part of the Naked Soul Digi Groove organized by the soulfull songstress Mpho Sebina, sponsored by Music IN Africa.

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